LG Villamax (C.Klein)

Villamax XXIV

Villamax XXIV is a fan-made villain character within the Power Rangers universe, who obviously corresponds with the original Villamax in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy . He does appear in Anthony Marsh, Jr 's fanfic continuity of Power Rangers- Power Rangers LG: Galactic Military Police Defenders and the upcoming 2011 fan-film to the season Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena , portrayed by Chris Klein .

What lies in his soul is Damnation, Honor, and early Wisdom.

This version of Villamax from the TV series is much dissimilar from before. His corresponse though is Seijuu Sentai Gingaman 's Gun General Sambash along with some characterized elements from Koragg of the 2006 Power Rangers series Mystic Force .

Unlike in Lost Galaxy, Villamax (XXIV if you will) follows what Sambash did in Gingaman- in this case: he used a gun and rides a motorcycle- but in the PRLG: The Rise of Trakeena movie, his majority weapon was a sword. His weapon was the Sword of Darkness , a weapon that was used in the 5-part Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1 episode story arc "Green With Evil", originally created by Rita Repulsa , in which she gave Tommy Oliver when he was her evil Green Ranger during those episodes.

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