This is one of the major scenes in Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena.

In this segment, entitled "The Terra Venture Clinic Asylum", the Power Rangers visit the place and find Trakeena , who is located in room EV-S32, stuck in this insane burden nuthouse you call an "Asylum". Trakeena has been drugged with intoxiciated chemicals and the drugs have poisoned her mind and her nervous system. During this, the team have a huge conversation with the demented, dellusional bug-babe who is beginning to have a dellusional infatuation with the Red Ranger.

This is where her obsession with Tony Marshall began.

When Tony claimed that, since a previous segment or 2 ago, that Trakeena is truly her mother and Tony is her stepson, Trakeena went completely INSANE! In the middle of the 21-minute conversation, the Rangers must have Trakeena backtrack to what horribly happened to her next after the final episode of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy .

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October 12, 2010

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